Our research interests highlight our commitment to truly global entrepreneurship and our focus on a diversified yet consistent economic base. The research we pursue is unlimited in its market breadth, global scope, and growth potential.

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Our applied research efforts focus on several fields.

In the field of hospitality, we make marketplaces for the most fundamental element of the hospitality experience. By capitalizing on existing social networks, we take a novel approach to connecting travelers with the tremendous volume of excess capacity. By leveraging the tens of thousands of hotel beds estimated to be free each night in the US alone, Z9th explores vibrant secondary markets in an industry that has lagged in innovation.

In the field of logistics, we explore methods for enabling people to send goods around the world with greater speed, more flexibility, and lower cost than ever before. Unlike traditional logistics services that rely on massive infrastructures and complex scales, Z9th explores parallel networks – both social and physical – to traverse borders and connect the world of people with the world of things in unparalleled synergy.

In the field of payments, we are attempting to redefine the meaning of value and transform global access to trade by creating an integrated, clearinghouse-based, real time, ecommerce and value-powered market platform. Both organizations and individuals can utilize our technology, which offers its users greater transparency, superior efficiency, and lower costs than other forms of trading.